Unanswered Questions by Stephen Turnock

My current post on The Photograph Collective.

The Photograph Collective

Unanswered Questions:
Do people see me, do I see myself, for my weaknesses?
Do people see me, do I see myself, for my strengths?

Fire and Ice represent these two polar opposites.
And I’m presenting you with Tepid Water.

Tepid water may not be be super strong, nor super resilient.
But it sure can extinguish the flames and melt the ice to bring a balance and love to our lives.

We can embrace and expose those beings of which we want to be.
But it’s all our flaws, and all our strengths, that make us who we are.

– Stephen Turnock
Stephen at The Photograph Collective

FIRE2ICE2Tepid Water

Stephen’s entry for the ‘Self Portrait’ changes style completely. Keep up to date with all submissions to this project here


Aaron: Really cool execution on this concept – I like the way you took one asymmetrical, “imperfect” image and sliced it…

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